About us

The Q4Y company operates on the car parts and car accessories market since 2009. The company distributes products from external manufacturers and its own brands.

In our portfolio we have entrusted brands with a strong market position and the highest quality of products: Dolz, Mecafilter, Misfat, Sasic and Vernet.

For those brands we as a 4PL distribution partner (Fourth Party Logistics, Logistics Processes Integrator), that manages delivery processes realization by processing information, to design, build and implement complex solutions for the whole delivery chain.

Besides we have our own brand of auto parts – Protechnic, which is an excellent supplement for our product portfolio.

We see our mission as a constant improvement of our service. We have the integrated management system based on ISO certificates. We are flexible. We easily fit to our clients’ and parters’ needs.

We present the unique business model. We are the distribution platform that delivers couple of brand product lines to nationwide and regional distributors.

One order, one delivery, one customer service office that acts on behalf of couple of suppliers. Our personnel has many years of experience and high qualifications and our company has a stable position on the European market.


We operate in 2 areas:

  • own brands (own merchandise) – we are responsible for the whole proces from the beginning to the end: selection of suppliers, stock management – brand creation, sales and marketing
  • extraneous brands (entrusted merchandise) – we are responsible for the stock management and sales administration – we have our own sales department, advanced IT systems, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and online systems that allow our clients to have a constant access to information.